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About Hoshino Therapy

What Is Hoshino Therapy?

Hoshino Therapy is a unique acupressure therapy developed by Japanese acupuncturist Tomezo Hoshino for the solution of musculoskeletal disorders, including non-traumatic disc problems and non-systemic joint conditions such as osteoarthritis. This therapy integrates the art of manual therapy with the principles of acupuncture and human biomechanical function. Hoshino Therapy uses full hand contact with deep, yet agreeable pressure to revitalize specific points primarily along the tendons, but also on the muscles, ligaments and fascia, in order to restore normal joint function and resolve pain. The therapist uses a 290-point evaluation process to detect areas of hardening or aging, which can cause a loss of normal range of motion, loss of coordination between the moving parts, and decreased ability to absorb shock, making the person more susceptible to pain conditions.

Who Benefits From This Type Of Therapy?

People who suffer from many types of soft tissue or biomechanical disorders can benefit from the therapy. These disorders include back and neck pain, stiffness, numbness, and tingling, and joint conditions such as shoulder pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and deteriorating posture. While the symptoms of hardening and aging of the soft tissues most often appear after the ages of 40 or 50, excessive use or misuse of body parts, such as in strenuous sports and work-related stress, can also cause aging of soft tissue in younger age groups. Persons of almost any age whose movement is restricted or impaired and who have not found relief in conventional forms of treatment should seriously consider Hoshino Therapy.

What To Expect From This Therapy

In your initial visit you will receive an evaluation, and your therapist will discuss with you his or her plan of care for your condition. If your problem is chronic, and you have already received a diagnosis from a physician, or if your condition has organic complications, the therapist may recommend that you bring a doctor’s referral and a complete case history.

Treatments last about 50-60 minutes. Usually you will experience relief from the original symptoms and improved flexibility or freedom of movement within the first three or four treatments. The rate of progress and extent of recovery will depend on the severity and duration of your condition, your general health, and the length of time and degree of cooperation you dedicate to your personal program as explained by your therapist.

Participation in one’s treatment program is a key component of Hoshino Therapy. This includes the daily practice of simple, specific exercises as taught by the therapist, and may also include heat or cold therapy, elastic support braces, and possibly some simple lifestyle changes, all of which are explained in detail by the therapist.

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